Small Logo for Animal Boarding And Grooming of Farmers Branch Small Pet Boarding Service - Mice, Hamster, More

Special boarding service for your pet mouse, hamster, or other smaller pet. We have a safe and comfortable area to store their habitat while you are awat. Bring your small pet to our loving boarding service in Farmers Branch

Bring Your Own Habitat - Cage

Housed In Your Pet's Usual Surroundings

We ask that you bring your own cage for your small pet, and this helps them adjust to new surroundings much faster. We also ask you to bring your small pet's food and snacks so we do not have to interrupt their usual diet.

Small Pet Special Needs

Medicine, Special Requirements

Does your small pet require special medicine or other procedures. Let us know ahead of time and be sure to bring any special products they may need.

Clean Small Pet Area

Cleaned Regularly

Our small pet habitats are cleaned regularly to keep your pet happy and well taken care of.

Pricing for Animal & Pet Boarding

One Dog

  • All Sizes
  • Play 4 Times a Day
  • Dog Run
  • Sizeable Habitats


  • Cat
  • Homes Provided
  • Litter Changed Daily
  • Separate from Dog Habitat

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Ferret

  • Rabbit
  • Guinea Pig
  • Ferret
  • Similar

Small Animal

  • Hamster
  • Gerbil
  • Mouse
  • Chinchilla
  • Similar