Kennel Outside Play Area

1. Exercise And Play

Many kennels simply put your dog on a leash and walk them for a couple of minutes and send them right back to the kennel. Your dog needs exercise and play. Would you or I want to be locked in a strange place for days or even a week and not allowed to get fresh air or feel the sun? It would seem more like a prison than a hotel. Some boarding facilities do not take the dogs outside at all, even for a brief walk on a leash. They may have an indoor play area, but the dogs are forced to “go to the bathroom” indoors. This can ruin their house training and you may have to work with them when you take them back home to teach them all over again that it is not acceptable to go inside the house. At our facilities, all of these issues are avoided as the animals are given 4 outdoor play times every day in a large enclosed yard. Plenty of time to “do their business” outside, get fresh air, and exercise.

2. Security

Facilities that do not let the dogs off-leash in a secured yard, and instead only walk the animals on leash for a few moments a day are taking a risk with your pet. Animals on leash can bolt and take off and have been known to get away. Animals should never be removed from the facility without your permission. Our outdoor play area is secured by a 6 foot chain link metal fence that will rival even the best “escape artists”. We also constantly monitor all outdoor play time, but so far, our high, strong fence has contained even the biggest and most active canine friends.

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3. Comfort

Our indoor dog suites are air conditioned and heated which allows us to regulate the temperature where your friends are housed and ensuring their comfort. We provide clean beds and bedding, but we also encourage you to bring along their own bed and bedding which they are already familiar and comfortable with.

4. Special Care

Does your dog have specials needs? Does he have allergies, need medications, vitamins, or have special dietary restrictions? Our staff is experienced in administering whatever your pet needs, including insulin. We also have the unique advantage of being located a few doors down from the Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch, a Veterinary Practice which offers a full range of services, for your peace of mind.

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Kennel Play Area

5. Cleanliness

We pride ourselves in maintaining a very clean boarding and grooming facility. Dog suites are cleaned twice a day.Your dog steps out for the “maid service” and returns to a fresh, clean suite.

6. Loving Staff

Our staff really loves the animals that we care for, and this can make all the difference in the world. We provide professional friendly service for you, and loving care for your furry family member. Our many years of experience also means that the quality, not just the intention, of the care we give your animals will be superior.

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