Pets and Children

Here is a Creative Tip for Playing With Your Children or Grandchildren:

Show your children or grandchildren how to play like they are “animal groomers”.   Put all of their stuffed animals, especially dogs and cats, and especially those that have “hair”  in a box or basket (this is their “kennel”.   Set up a bench or stool or table where they can “work”.  Give them a variety of different combs, brushes, ribbons, bows and bandanas.   You could even get an old electric dog shaver and cut off the electrical chord.   They can comb and brush the animals, put ribbons and bows in their hair, bandanas around their necks, and pretend they are shaving them.   Not only will your little one have a great time playing “groomer”,  but they also are learning at an early age how to be responsible pet owners too!