Pet Friendly Apartments

Most people would agree that their 4 legged friend is a part of their family. When looking for a new apartment home, they want their furry friend to be happy too. How can you find the best Dallas apartment that is pet-friendly? Here are some unique situations that may apply to you:


* You have more than 2 pets, and most apartments will only allow 2

* You have a LARGE pet, such as a dog over 50 pounds, and most apartments have weight restrictions

on the pets they allow.

* You are looking for an apartment that has an off-leash dog park.

* You are trying to stay within a certain budget and cannot pay over a certain amount for the pet deposit.

* You want an apartment complex that has walking trails or is located next to a park or within walking

distance to a park – so you have an enjoyable place to walk your dog.

* Your dog is a certain breed that most apartments have on their “restricted dog breed list” and will not

allow. Some examples of commonly restricted breeds are: Pitt Bulls, Doberman Pinchers, German

Shepherds, Great Danes, Rottweiler, and sometimes Boxers.


With over 3000 apartment communities in the DFW area, it can take you forever to personally call each community, one by one, to see if they can work with your unique requirements. You are also likely to face a lot of disappointment. Some give up and feel cornered into considering a possibility they dread...finding another home for their beloved pet.


Before resorting to such drastic measures, the solution is actually quiet simple. Many people are unfamiliar with a free service offered by Apartment Locators. They contain databases of every apartment property in the Metroplex, along with details regarding the amount of the pet deposit, the number of pets they allow, what their weight restrictions are, if they are more lenient towards certain frequently restricted breeds, whether they have dog parks as part of their onsite amenities, and whether or not they are located near a park. They enter the criteria, along with the price range for rent you want to stay in, and the locality you are desiring, and the database creates a custom list of all the properties that are an exact match. Only Locators have access to this comprehensive database, but they will perform and provide the list for you at no charge. The trick is to call a pet-friendly Apartment Locating service who specializes in helping tenants find the perfect home with their 4 legged family members. Visit for more information. They provide such free Apartment Locating services.