We provide a home away from home to pamper your pet in our large comfortable and spacious boarding suites while you are away.  
Preparing to feed the pets

Preparing to feed the pets

Our furry guests enjoy cool individual water and fresh food bowls, treats, and a warm cozy bed, in each suite.   They also enjoy outdoor play time in our secure, fenced backyard 4 times a day, and the safety and assurance of being located RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a well respected Veterinary office.  If you have more than one pet, our roomy suites have plenty of space to house them together.  Each day we provide “maid service” for your 4-legged family member, thoroughly cleaning the suite and changing out linens.

  • Individual, large 4x12 boarding suites for your canine
  • Climate controlled, well ventilated and well lit
  • Play time 4 times a day in a private, secure large backyard with over 600 square feet to run & play.
  • We provide food or allow you to bring your own. Animals are fed twice a day.
  • Suites are cleaned daily. Fresh water always available
  • Staff is very experienced, knowledgeable and caring
  • For your animals safety, we do not allow animals to stay with us who are not current on all vaccinations, including: Rabies, DHLP and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine.
  • We provide comfy bedding, or allow you to bring your own pet’s bed from home
  • Very affordable, competitive pricing
  • We accept all forms of payment (credit, checks, cash, etc)
  • We also board cats and other small animals
  • Cats are housed separately, away from the dogs, in their own individual “houses”
  • The cats have more than adequate room to move around freely and comfortably
  • If the cats are mild in behavior, we let them out of their houses to walk around
  • Fresh bedding, food and water are provided for small animals too
  • Cat “houses” have plenty of space to separate their little box from their food, water and bedding.
  • We can administer medicines if necessary, including insulin
  • You have the peace of mind knowing we are located right next door to a Veterinary office

Notice what The Humane Society said about using a Boarding Service for your beloved pet:

“Going out of town? A boarding kennel can give your pet quality care—and can give you peace of mind.
Your pet depends on you to take good care of her—even when you have to be out of town. Friends and neighbors may not have the experience or time to properly look after your pet, particularly for longer trips. Leave pet care to the professionals, such as a pet sitter or boarding kennel.

A facility specializing in care and overnight boarding allows your pet to:

  • Avoid the stress of a long car or airplane ride to your destination.
  • Stay where he's welcome (unlike many hotels).
  • Receive more attention and supervision than he would if home alone most of the day.
  • Be monitored by staff trained to spot health problems.
  • Be secure in a kennel designed to foil canine and feline escape artists.

When you arrive with your pet at the boarding facility, remind the staff about any medical or behavior problems your pet has, such as a history of epilepsy or fear of thunder. After the check-in process, hand your pet to a staff member, say good-bye, and leave. Avoid long, emotional partings, which may upset your pet. Finally, have a good trip, knowing that your pet is in good hands and will be happy to see you when you return.”

Tips for a Successful Boarding Experience:

* For the safety of your pet, we require proof of current vaccinations.  This includes Rabies, Distemper and Parvo (usually given as DHLPP) as well as Bordetella (to prevent Kennel Cough).    NOTE: The Bordetella must be administered at least 72 hours prior to your visit.  The vaccination needs this time to take effect in your dog's system.   If your dog does not have its current vaccines,  our next door neighbor, the Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch offers discount vaccinations.

*  Although we do provide food for all our boarding guests,  we encourage pet owners to bring their own pet’s regular food  for their visit.  Suddenly switching brands and types of food often causes upset stomachs and diarrhea.   Keeping your animal as close as possible to his or her normal routine at home will make him feel more comfortable and secure.  Please bring your food in an airtight container or ziplock bag, with your pet’s name clearly written on the container or on a label stuck to the container.

*  We also encourage pet owners to bring items from home for your pet to enjoy, such as their own bedding, toys, etc.    These items smell like home and remind them of home, making their stay more comfortable.

*  Please let us know up front if your pet has any health or behavior problems that we need to be aware of. If your animal is on a routine of taking certain vitamins or medicines every day, we do not recommend that you break that routine suddenly when you leave them for boarding.  We will administer any vitamins or medicine that your animal needs, but please let us know up front and remember to bring these items with you.

*  Please let us know up front if you are aware of any flea or tick problems that your pet may have.  We can use special medicated shampoos to rid your animal of these insects.


$22 / day  per dog.  Bring 2 dogs for $39 / day

$14 / day per cat. Bring 2 cats for $26 / day